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This photo was taken by Sam.

Orange is this weeks colour of the week.

Welcome to Suffolk Outdoor Learning.

Here are some colours to brighten your day.

More Entries for the photography Competition.

Here are a few of the fantastic Short Stories . A Prize for the best story.

Raya is working hard on her Willow Wild Place Project. Certificates and Badges for all Entries.

Here are some entries for the Willow Award Project from Amelia and Hattie. They have done an amazing job. Certificates and Badges will be on the way.

Well done an amazing entry for the Happy Scarecrow Competition.

Campaign to Educate on the Countryside Code

Here are some of the entries for the Photography Competition. by Amelia aged 8 from Brantham.

Suffolk Outdoor Learning has achieved this award.

As many entries as you like . send Photos to the Suffolk Outdoor Learning Group page on Facebook oe email to

Here are some Photos entered into the Photography Competition.

Caylen James aged 9

Thank you to Jenny for sending in this wonderful photograph of Poppies and Daisies.

Dates and Timings to be confirmed.

Dates and times to be confirmed.

Part of the Dangerous Dads Network a just dads and children group starting soon.

Sessions will be restarting in May.

At Suffolk Outdoor Learning we have had a new logo designed . Designed by rich_boy_designz follow on Instagram

Sunday 19th June 2022 Please see poster.

Fabulous Minibeasts 2022

Nature in love.

Nature burnt orange.